The Night Before…

Not Christmas, but it might as well be.

This is a momentous occasion.  My first book signing.  As a published Author.  Capital A.

Pompous.  Self-aggrandizing.  So full of myself.  I could classify the attitude that way, or I could take the more humble tack, saying simply “it’s been a long time coming.”  Seriously.  Over forty years to go from dreaming about being a Writer / Author, to actually being one, to have something to show for it.

So, where am I showcasing my wares for the first time in public (other than on Amazon)?  My youngest (adult) daughter and I traveled to Sedalia, MO, to hawk my books at the Whiteman Base Exchange.  They’re providing a small kiosk, electrical hook-ups, and possible connection to Wi-Fi.  I provide the labor, the books (see the covers below), the new banner (from VistaPrint), the phone & computer to keep track of sales (Square), and an upbeat attitude that will surely draw customers to make purchases.

Years and years of writing, ruminating, editing, hem-hawing around, making decisions to not give up on this ‘thing’ I want to do in my lifetime, getting the momentum going with NaNoWriMo, figuring out that AKDP gives anyone the ability to put their work out there, and then pushing the GO button.  And in less than three months I’ve got three books to offer the Readers of the world, hoping that at least some of them are blessed with what I have to offer.

I’ll let you know how it goes when the dust settles.  I’ll try to be objective, honest, and perhaps even amusing.  Stay tuned…




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