Just Up Ahead

I have a feeling that it’s just up ahead,
The turnoff to the new place I’m being led.
Just out of reach and just out of sight,
The long road I’ve traveled turns to the right.
It goes to the final grand destination,
But my heart skips a beat, a small hesitation.
Will I see you there? Did I give good directions?
Did you listen to me, with my loving intentions?
Of course you did! I heard you speak it.
Though lately I’d doubted that you would seek it.
So why does it feel like I’ll show up so late?
You rushed to get there, just couldn’t wait.
Took the pills to the tub as a makeshift bed,
Settled in, closed your eyes, and rested your head…

I keep watching my watch as I travel this road,
My heart laden heavy with love’s solemn load.
Yet hope keeps me moving, ‘cause it’s just up ahead;
The turnoff—I see it!—to the good place I’m led.


On 20 September 2017, in the predawn hours of that Wednesday morning, our youngest daughter Yvonne Elisabeth Weeks, passed away in the privacy of her home.  She had been overwhelmed by the cares of this world, giving so much of herself that perhaps there was not enough left of herself.

Words have failed me and the loss has almost made me buckle at the knees in sorrow.  The main thing that’s saved me is being grounded in God’s Word and holding tight to his promise that we’ll see her again in the future.  Also, having the people from our church fellowship around us has helped shore up our believing in this situation.

We’ve taken time to gather our family to talk it through, seeing to the needs of each heart and concentrating on the good twenty years we had with Yvonne.  We’ve also plumbed the depth of her heart, from the reports of her friends and the community, that provided a richer more well-rounded picture of who our daughter had grown to be.

All these things have given us the strength to bear up under this load and to keep moving forward, as she asked us to in her love notes to each of us.  We will miss her, yet anticipate a glorious reunion…just up ahead.






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