Water for Horses

Music to Your Ears Apart from “Water for Horses” being the title of an excellent tune by Darshan Ambient, from the album Falling Light, it’s also the springboard for the central idea in today’s blog.  If you’d like to have a soundtrack for your read, simply click the Play icon on the Audio Player bar... Continue Reading →

Do You See What I See?

Some Readers like a story told from the perspective of one Main Character.  Other Readers prefer the variety of a slew of Characters and their interactions during a story arc.  This session is dedicated to the use of Multiple Viewpoints within a novel. Let’s first examine this concept from real-life examples.  If you were described... Continue Reading →

One for You, Two for Me

In an effort to be transparent, I want to show  how your purchase of my books filters out in the real world.  How often does an Author--or anyone else in the public venue--do that for their patrons?  The reason I want to share the details is to show you this writing gig we aspire to... Continue Reading →

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