Friends (who are Authors…)

…or at least aspire to be in the near future.  Another of my catchphrases is “Everybody has a story to tell.”  These are some of the people I know who are in the process of becoming the Authors they always dreamed they’d be.

K Kibbee

K (Kristine) Kibbee is a Pacific Northwestern writer with rain on her Duck boots and stars in her eyes.  I met her on Twitter many moons ago, and was totally enthralled by her skills as a weaver of poignant vignettes.  I took her Forests of the Fae series out for a test drive and saw the depth of her craft.  Best I can tell, she’s a storyteller from the womb.  The rest of this is from her Bio Page at Incorgnito.

Kristine’s inescapable passion for creative writing led her to the doors of Washington State University, where she studied in the Professional Writing program.  Kristine, followed her scholarly pursuit of the written word by publishing works in The Vancougar, The Salal Review Literary Review, Just Frenchies magazine, andS/Tick Literary Review.  She is presently a regular columnist for Terrier Group magazine.

Kristine’s novella, “The Mischievous Misadventures of Dewey the Daring,” was her first and only self-published release, and is still currently available online.  Since then, she’s had several mainstream books published, including the YA “Forests of the Fae” trilogy, three chapter books in the “Theodore and the Enchanted Bookstore” series, and the re-tooled and released, “Whole in the Clouds.”  Her latest book is a coming-of-age story about Olive Abernathy, a silver-tongued tomboy with a mean right hook, a fierce little spirit, and an inability to fit in to the little Louisiana town of her birth.

Kristine regularly engages on a variety of social media platforms and can be followed: On Twitter @K_Kibbee — On Facebook @

Terry Showers

Terry dropped a bomb on me a few years ago, shortly after he retired.  He told me he has always liked Sci-Fi and Fantasy as reading genres, and that he was in the midst of writing a novel entitled, The Seeds of Mankind.  Seeds of Mankind - Terry's working coverAfter the initial shock of “who is this person I’ve known for fifteen years, yet never knew this part of who he is” wore off, I asked him about the novel.  He painted the premise in broad strokes and it got me curious.  He then handed me his Prologue material, that explained it in greater detail, and it got me hooked.  I asked him if he was really going to write all 1,023 possible iterations of the premise, and he confessed he probably couldn’t; not enough time in a lifetime, he said.  I asked if I could take a stab at bringing one of the universes to life, with attribution back to him.  He agreed.  We’ve been trading drafts of chapters ever since, building the respective worlds and cultures, doing Q&A sessions on each others stories, editing SPAG and critiquing the content, and having a wonderful time helping each other out with the progress of each tale.

 K. A. Speer

KA Speer Blog logoOne day, in a typically normal conversation with Keith, the topic of books and writing got interjected.  That’s when he revealed he’s a writer.  I was glad it came up, because it was closing in on November, almost time for National Novel Writing Month, so I tried to draft him to participate.  Life was overwhelming Keith’s efforts to budget such a huge block of time, but we stayed in touch on the subject.  The next January, when I published my first book, I shared with him how exhilarating the process was, and I saw the glimmer in his eyes catch fire.  He wanted summa-dat!  Keith still wants to regale all of You with his storytelling and make you laugh, make you cry, move you to consider new and spectacular ideas.  This young man is full of them, and the vitality to bring them into the world.  I’m certain he’ll generate a MMOSCIFI (Massively Multithreaded Original Sci-Fi) story that’ll be epic and far-reaching, with lots of sequels and branching content.  Watch this space (or his LinkeIn website) to keep tabs on his progress as a new talent Author.

 Denise Felt

Denise has been a long-time fan of the British TV series UFO.  She was especially taken with the main character, Commander Edward Straker, and his complex relationships with the team members of SHADO, as well as quite a few crossover encounters.  SHADO Logo from UFO seriesHer works reside on (under the UFO category) and on her personal website hosted by Weebly.  Run a search for her Name + UFO and you’ll see a plethora of material.  Her tales go more in-depth into Straker’s life and the timeline, building additional content only hinted at by the series.

Shane Kincaid

Nanowrimo-logoI’ve told you before that I act as a Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo.  It’s in that milieu where I met Shane.  He also signed up as an ML, and with both of us double-teaming the area, we’ve seen some aspiring writers truly blossom.  Shwebsiteane always brings a light-hearted verve to the Write-Ins, and his wealth of knowledge allows him to expound on any number of esoteric topics.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANot only is he good with his brain, he’s also mechanically inclined, having restored several vehicles in his early adulthood.  Most notably, he performed the rescue of a British 1959 Morris Minor, which he still drives today.  He affectionately refers to it as “Mog.”  If you want to listen to some of his musings, or see some of his doodles, you can find his online persona at Shane’s Doodles & Scribbles.


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