Let the Music Move You

Nigel Stanford - Solar Echoes - Dark Sun There are Writers out there who prefer “The Sound of Silence”—literally—over any type of music, in order to mitigate distractions while they write.  Then there are the rest of us. As Writers, we often talk about the Playlists we use for inspiration and visualization.  We seem to... Continue Reading →

New Year, New You

“New Year’s Resolution.”  You hear those words and you either perk up because of the adrenaline rush of the challenge, or you chuckle under your breath because you know the whole prospect is futile.  People have a tendency to shake out into those two camps. Here's a deep principle to consider, though.  There is a... Continue Reading →

Water for Horses

Music to Your Ears Apart from “Water for Horses” being the title of an excellent tune by Darshan Ambient, from the album Falling Light, it’s also the springboard for the central idea in today’s blog.  If you’d like to have a soundtrack for your read, simply click the Play icon on the Audio Player bar... Continue Reading →

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