As of this writing, I’m still getting my feet under me concerning the marketing and networking aspect of being an Author.  I intend to do the occasional giveaway, or cut-rate deals on my books, once I have a handle on it.  So… if you’re on my Mailing List, guess what?  You could be a winner of marvelous merch!  And you’ll receive updates on forthcoming works.  Won’t that be nice?  Dang betcha!

What I’d like you to do is leave some basic contact information in the form below.  Obviously, the Name you’d like me to call you by, an Email point of contact (for a personal response, nobody else will see it), any Website you use (if you want to share some of your online presence), and the Comments you have concerning any of the blog posts, or simply to chat.

I do that quite often… respond to someone who takes an interest.  I can even get verbose.  Perhaps you do, too, and we could set our parsers to “maximum verbosity” to see who out-chats the other.  Um… but if I’m working on a story, you’ll definitely win, because… well… yeah, like… it’s work to craft a good book.  But I won’t ignore you.  Be patient.  I’ll respond…

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