Thanks for fashioning me, providing a family to nurture me, sending into my life friends who’ve been supportive and kind, and for waiting for me to ‘get a clue’ about what you’ve wanted me to do for you.


Thank you, Brigitte G. Schaffran, for giving birth to me, instead of aborting me due to the social stigma of being an unwed mother.  Your tender care throughout my life formed the core of my gentle side, the side I prefer to use most often.  Thank you, Roy L. Weeks, for agreeing to marry my mother, with me in tow, and also adopting me.  Being part of your family helped me learn practical skills and to be strong through adversity.  Thank you, Yvette N. Weeks, for being a fun-loving sister who made me reach outside myself and showed me that ‘a tick on my back’ was never really such a bother after all.


There were friends and relatives in my early years in Germany who helped me learn the basics of navigating the physical world, running, jumping, playing, sharing.  Thanks for that.  When I came to the US, another set of friends supplanted you, but you weren’t forgotten.  As I grew and learned this new place with a new language, there were those whose friendships and heart sharings I came to trust, because they were generous with their time and their insights.  You know how much I appreciated your advice in navigating my teenage years, as well as your encouragement as we each stepped out into adulthood.  Be well, my Friends, and know there are times I miss you incredibly.

My Own Family

I’ve loved and lost several times in my life.  Sorrow and regret could have swallowed me up.  Yet, God steered me to a chance meeting at a Dairy Queen in Austin, TX, that turned all those misgivings into a rekindled hope.  Meeting Angela was one of the most unexpected and life-changing events of my life.  Thank you, my Dear, for saying ‘yes’ to fashioning a life together; I don’t think either of us could have continued to do so on our own.  The five children we’ve raised together–Ian, Ryan, Sarah, Brittany, and Yvonne–have meant the world to me.  It’s so marvelous to see them all grown up now and making their own lives count for something.  It is a shame we did not weather the storm of our daughter’s death, to come out from the darkness and into the light, together.  I hope you do eventually find the peace of mind and the love of another that you did not see in me.

New Partners

Laura, thank you for saying yes to friendship and a life together.  Your indomitable cheerful spirit, your kind and generous soul, your gentle words and tender admonitions have given me hope where I did not expect it.  Love in the latter years.  Certainly.  Yes.  I will gladly share that with you as we take this journey until we are done.


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