Are You a Book-Lover?

Unfortunately, UPPERCASEBox has closed its business. At the end of the article, I’ve left some suggestions for other monthly boxed subscriptions that may fill the void they’ve left in their wake.

Do you thrive on the physical tactile sensation of holding a book in your hands and actually flipping the pages to read, versus doing so on a tablet or phone as a simulation of the real act?  Does turning each page solidify for you the progress you’re making toward reaching the conclusion of a story?  Isn’t it almost an indescribably tantalizing moment when you notice the fine spice scent wafting from the pages of an aged book?  And what about the sheer volume and variety of bookmarks you own; don’t they have relevance to events in your life and help you instantly navigate back to the place you left off reading?  Do you chuckle when you tap your hard-bound book and remind your friends that “this story doesn’t have to be plugged in every day”?  Oh, do I have a treat for You!


There’s a really wonderful Young Adult reader club that provides a book-in-a-box–plus valuable trinkets–every month for subscribers.  UPPERCASE Box seeks out talented new writers and showcases them.  Each book of the month is personally signed by the author, and comes with a special bookmark tucked in that contains online links at key points in the story.  For the premium subscription, the company includes keepsakes associated with the book, or tied to other well-known published works.


Why would I recommend this “subscription box”?  My daughter, Yvonne, participated in the club for over a year.  She was always pleased with the books, and often purchased some of the “add-on” gifts available.  Every item she received was high quality, geared toward someone who loves to read, and was usually eclectic and unique.

One of the things I’ve done to honor my daughter’s memory is to set up a new on-going account that I oversee.  Each month I take the book to our local Library for them to add to the YA section, displaying the current book on a memorial shelf that has a short bio of Yvonne.

Yvonne's Monthly Reader image

This is in an effort to draw young readers to try the new stories from new authors.  I’ve also donated our daughter’s collection of books to fill the shelf initially, with the older books cycling out to the Bookmobile or other Branch Libraries.

So…how about You?  Will you duck in and try the subscription service?  Will you also donate the books to your local Library after you’ve read them?  Imagine the impact you could have on young readers where you live!  Propagating literacy is a great legacy.  Consider your role in enhancing your community.

God bless,


P.S.:  Now here’s a bookmark for your adventures in reading!

Crimson is the ribbon red
That marks the thoughts within my head
For all the places, here and yon,
On all the journeys I have gone
A bookmark and a constant thread
To help retrace where I’ve been led
Ensures I can my path reclaim
The only part to e’er remain
Page after page, book after book,
Story to story, I always look
For the only thing that is the same
No matter the author or his name
It’s always visible, a certain guide
That helps me to take this harsh world in stride
No matter the tale or even the form
My red thread’s my constant, my only norm
Where’er I travel, it’s there by my side
On incredible journeys far and wide

The Red Thread of My Reading, by Sylvia Llewelyn, Keeper of Tomes in the Library at El’Gamaliel

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve provided a list of other bookish websites so you can indulge the reading habit, with stories delivered to your doorstep. I didn’t want to leave you hanging…


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